Psychological Emancipation for Revolutionary Abolition

Psychological Emancipation for Revolutionary Abolition is a project focused on developing psychological self defense: a necessary aspect of revolutionary struggle. To bring our unique talents and individual experiences to the struggle for liberation we must remove the psychological roadblocks that hinder our effectiveness. In a spirit of mutual aid, we cannot allow comrades to suffer through trauma or internal psychological distress without an opportunity to be supported in a way that strengthens our cause as a whole.

Those drawn to emancipatory struggle sometimes arrive at their work through the way that mental illness lays bare the irrational and oppressive systems that rules us. Living in this society is psychologically damaging, and being mentally ill here can be deadly. The carceral state extends to our apparatuses for treating mental illness; from those with psychological problems in traditional incarceration, to those in locked psych wards, the end of the carceral state must include straightjackets as well as shackles.

PERA is focused on developing a model of psychological affinity to give groups the ability to provide support to eachother in a psychologically effective way, developing a mode of treatment for psychological distress, and diseminating information about the approaches we develop, the inquiries we make, and the resources necessary for people to seek their own psychological emancipation.